Work Is Due To Start In 2023, Assuming The Old Place Makes It That Far.

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But the sheer, mind-boggling logistics of trying to make that happen would mean work would take at least 30 years and add at least another 2billion to the cost. So they really will have to go but the big question is where. There was a suggestion that rafts could be put on the River Thames to have some sort of floating Parliament. That has, mercifully, been ruled out on the grounds that any lunatic with access to a submarine could sink the lot. More probable is shoe-horning the whole lot into some nearby buildings. The committee in charge of arrangements wants the Department of Health s headquarters to host MPs, with Lords moving to the nearby QEII conference centre. Work is due to start in 2023, assuming the old place makes it that far. Although there are the usual hold-ups. Read More Tory MPs beg watchdog to let them carry on taking cushy second jobs The entire Palace of Westminster feeds into one main drain that is more than 130 years old The Treasury Committee is investigating the Restoration and Renewal Committee to make sure taxpayers are getting value for money. But whatever happens needs to happen fast.

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